Not many people often ask about this site because its content pretty much speaks for itself. This is a site about eateries, grill restaurants and bistros to be specific. It discusses every topic there is to discuss about these two popular food-selling outlet types, including:

Differences and Similarities

Bistros and grill restaurants have unique differences, yet there is so much that brings them together. This section discusses the two aspects of both types of eateries. Knowing these similarities and differences will help you choose which one suits your specific dining needs at a particular time, e.g. go to a bistro when you need fast service and a grill restaurant when you want to chill.

Foods to Eat

Some foods scream ‘bistro.’ While many foods will fit into this category, some stand out among the rest, either because of their ease of preparation or their deliciousness. This section outlines all these to ensure you make the best pick the next time you are out looking for a meal.

Bistros as Meeting Venues

It is not rare to hold business meetings at eateries, and bistros make just the perfect venues. This section touches on some of the necessary characteristics to look for when searching for a bistro or steakhouse to hold a successful meeting.

Food Themes in Casino Games

Bistros and restaurants have made some foods so popular that they now form part of casino game themes. This section discusses these and highlights some great games that have been based on various foods.