All You Need to Know About Bistros

Bistros are small restaurants that offer simple and tasty meals. They use French recipes to create delicious meals served in casual settings. Bistros first emerged in Paris, and there are numerous theories on who came up with the name’ bistro.’

The most credible theory implies that they originated from the Parisian landlords. They needed to come up with more creative ways of generating extra revenue. Hence, they created the first bistros in Paris. Other sources argue that the Russian invasion of 2018 led to the emergence of bistros. They claim that the soldiers used the word bistro as a way of complaining of the poor service by the service waiters.


Bistros are popular with people seeking to enjoy meals in informal settings. Children are required to be accompanied by parents or adults over 18 years old. They offer sheer comfort under a cheap budget that revellers can easily afford. Diners can order their preferred food and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.


Bistros provide quite fast services to diners. Food and drinks are delivered shortly after placing your order. You will also have the invoice given seconds after asking for it. Patrons can spend several hours while eating and sipping their drinks as they please.

Bistros provide diners with special menus on different days of the week. However, that depends on the region of the establishment as various bistros offer diverse French-recipes around the world. For example, it might be bouillabaisse on Monday, choucroute on Thursday, and cassoulet on Sunday. However, there are plenty of bistro menus that remain the same over the week. You can always request your favourite bistro meal, which bistros prepare if it is not available on the special’s day menu.

Bistros serve food prepared using a traditional French recipe. They charge relatively low prices since the majority are neighbourhood restaurants.