Typical Foods You Can Have at a Bistro

The original bistros in Paris, France, served delicious and straightforward meals accompanied by preferred drinks. Several French bistros still prepare and preserve the initial traditions characterized by speed and simplicity. However, it is still possible to enjoy favourite bistro meals around the world as numerous cafes use the French recipe. Below are the typical foods you can have at a bistro.

Steak Tartare

It is a traditional and delicious French meal. The finely chopped raw beef served with capers, onions, natural herbs, and egg yolk served with assaisonné. It is not only paleo-healthy and tender but also leaves your mouth-watering.

Salad Verte

It is the definitive green salad that accompanies numerous French dishes. Most bistros have mastered the art of down patting to make them more delicious. It is not about the beautiful dressings, but the selection of fresh green vegetables slightly layered with original vinaigrette.

Moules à la Marinière

It is among the most delicious seaside foods served at bistros. The mussel salt naturally seasons the dish making it softer and sweeter when eating. Immersing fresh French bread into white wine and creamy mussels is a description of the seafood delicacy meal.


Snails served at bistros are very delicious due to the traditional recipe for preparing the meal. The rubbery texture is appealing due to the pile of garlic-herb butter. Eating and peeling the shells with a pin makes it fun as you enjoy the sumptuous dish.

Terrine de Campagne

It is one meal that one should typically never leave out as it is one of French culinary genius. It is rustic pate that comprises superbly ground meat, eggs, and natural spices. You can eat the dish with lightly toasted bread or something sweet to counter the little bitterness.

Be sure to enjoy the above typical foods at your favourite bistro café.